Call Out Alert For Disaster Relief to Baton Rouge !!!!

An estimated 40,000 homes were damaged in the Louisiana floods. Thousands of families have lost everything. That's why we are asking you today to consider dropping everything and join one of the local teams heading south.

Even a small group of about 8-10 volunteers will make a huge impact. Volunteers are in for a messy but necessary job by bringing hope to those who need it most. 
What we could do in even three and a half days on the ground, victims couldn't have done in three weeks. 

We will go into the homes that have been assessed by Baptist Disaster Relief assessors and we will be basically gutting the house. We will be taking the dry wall down that's been wet, insulation out, the flooring up, any contents that have been wet. We are responsible for our own transportation, but everything else will be organized by Baptist Disaster Relief when we arrive.

We haven't committed for certain to go, but we are definitely gauging interest to see if we can send out a team(s) from Randall / Renewal Church. We are looking at Sept.1, 2016 to go for about ten days.  If you are available to serve all or even a portion during this time or can go at another time, please call or email right away.

Thank You!

Milo Wilson

We are ONE

I got the email in my inbox this morning that read something like "Get Ready Commissioner! Fantasy Football Is Upon Us!" How funny is that? The little game that I play alongside of the main NFL football season that is about to start is supposed to be what I'm excited about? Don't miss the forest through the trees, as my grandma always said...

In Buffalo, we also have a heavy push once again this fall for the ONEBuffalo branding and marketing hype. This is motivated by the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres having the same owner and how the Pegula family have made great strides in energizing our region. ONEBuffalo is meant to unify our region. I personally love it. What a great way to call people together. We are ONE.

However, what if we were to really get energized about what will truly unify our region? What if every time we saw the ONEBuffalo brand, we were motivated to see the region like Jesus sees it? There is ONE body and ONE Spirit—just as you were called to the ONE hope that belongs to your call— ONE Lord, ONE faith, ONE baptism, ONE God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. Eph 4:4-6

Now that is a great way to call people together. A couple of sports teams are nice, but hope in ONE God who is over all and through all? That's something I can get excited about. That's something that will get me out of bed in the morning. 

We are ONE.

Pastor Milo

Fear and Trembling for Move-In Day!

The Good:
This time of year is when college students start packing up their things from a summer as camp staff, or a summer working construction, or a summer laying by the pool and begin the process of preparing for back to college. Many athletes will be arriving on campus this week for their fall sports so that they can begin two-a-days before the rest of the student population arrives. With the summer Olympics coming up in Rio, there are numerous international athletes moving into their temporary housing with high hopes for how they will compete in the games.

Thats the way it feels around our church this week as well, with new staff moving into offices that have been vacant for approximately a year. Expectations are high! Hope and enthusiasm seem to be floating all around the facility. So how can you be a part of this exciting season? Let me encourage you to connect. To engage. To take time to meet Mario Delgado and Bryan Long and their beautiful families. 

The Bad:
With all the excitement, I want to share with you the dirty little secret that all of us in ministry struggle with. "God, I know you told me to go there, but what if they don't like me?" This is not a new fear, Moses had the same wrestlings within himself. Any time a new pastor or staff member comes into a church, I'll tell you from personal experience, it is a very intimidating place in the early days. It seems like keeping tabs on who people are, how they are connected to one another, and how you fit into the mix is an impossible puzzle to solve. Here are 3 ways to help.

The Response: 
1. Greet early. Many times the relationships formed in the first few days are the ones that last forever. Think of how many close friendships are made in college in the freshman orientation. Many stick for a long time.

2. Greet often. Many people are afraid to acknowledge that we forgot each other's names. Just put it out there again. Its always easier to overstate the obvious than it is to try to ignore the fact that we don't what to do now that we just drew a blank on 1 of 100 possible names.

3. Get your hands dirty. Many of the fears involved in coming to a new place with your family, is the possibility that no-one will volunteer to be part of the ministry arena you've been assigned. "What if I have to do all of this work myself?" Be the first to offer assistance. Many hands make light work in every ministry area in the local church.

How about you? How can you engage the new leadership in your context? Ill tell you, I've enjoyed this "move-in" week tremendously. I'm so very happy to have people milling about the office again. God is at work, and the best is yet to come!

Pastor Milo